About BDQ Sauce


For over 3 decades, Brian Davis (hence the BD in BDQ) has been making this barbeque sauce for family and friends. In 2015, with overwhelming encouragement, BDQ Sauce was created. 

Today, BDQ Sauce has come a long way from being made by BD in his kitchen. The sauce is still made in small batches with the same passion and precision, but in a commercial kitchen so it can be shared with you. Especially now, we know how important spending time with the people who are special to us is, so we hope that BDQ Sauce can be a part of your gatherings, making it more delicious and memorable than ever before!



The wonderful favors in BDQ Sauce lend itself well to all traditional barbecued meats, but what separates it from other sauces is how versatile it is – especially great in stir-fry, on almost all vegetables, pot stickers, lettuce wraps and more.

That's why 'The "D" is the Difference'!

You will LOVE it!